• Employment law aims to provide robust protection for employees in the workplace.

    You may ask “What are my employment rights?” One of the biggest issues that employees face is the termination of their employment, and whether or not they can raise an action for unfair dismissal. An employer needs to have a good reason to dismiss an employee (such as what they would term ‘gross misconduct’), but even if they do, they must ensure the company’s formal disciplinary or dismissal system is followed. Firing someone for continually being late, for instance, could only take place if the employee had been taken through the correct warning procedure on a number of occasions previously.

    Similarly, it is unacceptable for your employer to make the conditions of your workplace so that you cannot reasonably be expected to work there. This could be due to racist, sexist or bullying behaviour from colleagues that your employer has ignored or refused to deal with. You may even be discriminated against on the basis of religion or disability. Such a scenario could leave your employer open to a claim of constructive dismissal.

    It is important that as an employee you are fully aware of what options are available to you in these circumstances. Should you wish to raise a grievance against your employer, it must be done via the medium of an employment tribunal. Here, both parties have the ability to make their case heard and for an Employment Judge to pass a verdict. Whilst it is possible to navigate these waters alone, having an employment lawyer will make that journey easier and far less stressful.

    But family law also covers other subject matters. Perhaps you’re just looking for advice on marriage or civil partnerships, for instance, or for someone to discuss the pros and cons of a prenuptial agreement with. From assistance with adoption and fostering, to co-habitation rights and property settlements, family law is a very wide area.

    Family lawyers are a vital part of the legal system, often going far beyond their remit and straying into the realm of counsellors. They understand the importance of listening, and that sometimes just being a shoulder to cry on or a person to vent at can be just as essential as providing solid legal advice. Using Judicial ERP, you can find the right solicitor for your legal issue.