Nigeria must globalise legal practice, resolve endless litigations, says Adesina

Nigeria must globalise legal practice, resolve endless litigations, says Adesina

08.07.2020 2 comments

Dele Adesina, a senior advocate of Nigeria, while doing an interview with MARCEL MBAMALU said that there is a strong need to do the reformation of Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) that will help in creating better welfare for lawyers, taking legal practice to global level that will eventually restore the confidence in the judicial system of Nigeria.

According to him, there is nothing wrong with electronic voting and above all it ensures the maximum particiation. It basically` will prove that the winner is a true representative of all the members of the association.

However, its very first experiment in 2016 yielded various misgivings, even to such an extent that it eventually ended in court itself. The socond one was held in 2018 but it also ended in court litigation. All these incidents only contribute in raising many concerns which is not good for an election of a professional association.

Those court actions impacted negatively on the efficacy of the leadership taken to court and more importantly on the unity of the association. Actually the perons who felt cheated and the ones who spport them remained away and the biggest thing is we need the sufficient opinion, varied ideas and everyone's support for the successful working of either an association or even a nation. This being a critical issue, we need to search a way to ensure that it does not occur again.

To get out of this situation, it depends a lot on the leadership that conducts the election as well as the electoral committee of the Nigerian Bar Association.

To fully ensure the oasis of sanity in an insane society onus lies with the legal profession. The major issue is corruption that is widely spread in larger politics. It is the duty of the legal profession to ensure the removal of ills prevailing in the society, its existence is needed for the society to get advanced. No society can ever advance if it is controlled by the ill forces of corruption, prejudices, and mediocrity in leadership. Most of us believe in ideals. The major problem that is happening over the years is basically we are not dealing correctly with persons who do not believe in ideals.

One needs to take a proactive and sustained effort to change the present negative perception of the Nigerian society about the legal profession. The current perception of Nigerian people for the legal profession is extremely low. They consider the legal profession as one of the ongoing problems that exist in the nation. The perception itself can be more real than reality in case no action is taken for it. It is the NBA itself that needs to do something about it. The most diffucult thing is that it is nearly impossible for the judges to defend themselves as they are only seen and never heard. So, it is the utmost duty of the bar association to defend the bench.


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